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Corrina Murray, Owner + Senior Account Mgr

Corrina Murray

Owner + Senior Account Mgr

When you're the owner of a creative firm with a wide range of clients, your downtime is short and your latté is tall. Corrina delivers more than 17 years experience in project management, publishing and design. As a Mobile resident and business owner with offices in both Mobile and Baldwin Counties, Corrina is heavily invested in our communities. Ensuring consistent messaging, superlative performance, and efficient service delivery for her clients is her mission.

Steve Hampton, Art Director + Web Designer

Steve Hampton

Art Director + Web Designer

As the creative director of Optera, Steve keeps up-to-date on design trends and is never short on research insights. It’s not uncommon to hear clients say, “It’s like you read my mind.” Steve’s expertise includes the mastery of a variety of design styles, user experience, and web programming, including responsive design for mobile, and Expression Engine and Wordpress platforms.

Kevin Northrop, Planning Director

Kevin Northrop

Planning Director

Kevin works with Optera clients on strategic planning and research. He has 17 years of Advertising and Marketing experience spanning Telecom, Publishing and Ad Agency work, bringing with him a strong analytical foundation. He consults with our clients on potential market opportunities and ensures all creative and messaging ties directly into the client’s business strategy.

Kathleen Schmucker, Senior Graphic Designer

Kathleen Schmucker

Senior Graphic Designer

As our senior graphic designer, Kathleen handles most print design for our clients and is in charge of making sure the brands we manage stay consistent and up to date. Kathleen brings seven years of experience in design, print production and photography. As an artist, Kathleen says she specializes in bridging the fine line between unfettered creativity and impactful design guided by strategy. In her free time, Kathleen prefers to be completely surrounded by any body of water, preferably with a good book and an even better beer.

Patrick Welk, Media Director

Patrick Welk

Media Director

Patrick is the Media Director with Optera Creative. With more than 15 years of experience as a media marketing consultant, Patrick’s knowledge base spans print, digital, and broadcast advertising from creative development to implementation. He also brings years of experience in commercial printing and signage production that is invaluable when guiding creative visions to fruition in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Jessica Callahan, Social Media + Web Content Director

Jessica Callahan

Social Media + Web Content Director

Jessica Callahan is our resident social media and web content manager. Jessica has ten years of experience managing communication plans for national non-profits and higher education institutions, having worked for the NCAA, United Way, March of Dimes, Purdue University and University of South Alabama. Today, we rely on Jessica (and our team of writers and editors) to produce compelling content that engages your audience and to implement social and web content strategies across multiple platforms.

Danielle Christensen, Graphic Designer

Danielle Christensen

Graphic Designer

Danielle earned her BA from The University of Southern Mississippi and wasted no time in starting her career. She has been with Optera Creative the past year and a half as the newest addition to the design team. She enjoys photography, drawing and running in her free time.