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Optera Creative takes an environmentally and socially conscious approach to marketing, and we encourage our clients to do so as well. Making small decisions that can effect our environments in a big way have gotten easier, more affordable and are becoming more and more mainstream.

Taking an eco-friendly approach to marketing can be easy. Talk to us about how to put an eco-friendly marketing strategy into your marketing plans.

Here are just a few ways we can help you go green:

  1. Design and create stylish e-newsletters that have way more impact with your target audience and more personalization and customization for your brand. And paper-free!
  2. Need to print brochures, business cards or other marketing pieces? Choose from our diverse array of recycled paper options that use post-consumer waste products to reuse what we normally would throw away!
  3. Expand your network of customers using social media outlets – reach new audiences, tailor your brand message with a savvy online tone and send traffic to your website and promotions without using paper or shipping methods!
  4. Explore new digital marketing campaigns. As the world continues to move more and more online, new avenues for marketing online (and paper-free!) are opening up. From online advertising to digital coupons to search engine optimization and search keyword buying – explore your options for digital marketing.
  5. Encourage more conference calls and telecommuting around the office – saving the environment and the pocket book is doubly rewarding!
  6. Choose eco-friendly, organic and fair trade products for promotional items and hand outs for trade shows and client gifts.

We would love to chat more with you about how to make your business as green as you’d like it to be.

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