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Malbis Parkway Pediatric Dentistry

Routed Sign

First impressions are important -- and Malbis Parkway Pediatric Dentistry understands this.

That’s why they came to us to help them create a routed sign that was as unique and as creative as their office. Their plain, brick monument signage just didn’t reflect the fun, kid-friendly environment and nautical-themed décor found throughout their office.

It was all smiles when we, with our sister company, Identity Signs, were able to redesign their sign to reflect their brand. Elements of their interior décor were used in the sign design and construction to set them apart. Final polishing came in the form of the custom woodwork around the original brick pillars, converting them into faux shipping containers that matched the seating found in the lobby. The new signage is sure to leave an impression, and draw in more customers, so Malbis Parkway Pediatric Dentistry can continue to make more first impressions, and second impressions, and x-rays, and everything else to care for healthy smiles. 

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